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The adventures of a young woman travelling throughout the world. The hard work is left behind, and every day is a present as nothing is more  contagious than fame. Loneliness becomes a good companion too,  until the day Gina is stranded at an airport and meets someone who will change the meticulously organised schedule of her life.

Without realising yet, this is the foggy night, when her downfall begins. Falling into her obsession, she puts her career at stake, but never abandons the man who remains a mystery until the end.

ISBN 978-1-4092-2679-6

I select a book and read:"Love is the most subtle force on earth." " You are all i've got." "The plane to Frankfurt was late and...." Nice way to start a book. I carry this book and many others with me on my flight. It's in my Kindle, and the author is Marta Deyanova. Highly Recommended reading!

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